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Let's talk about constipation . . . Is your child experiencing constipation?  Does it hurt when your child tries to poop?  Does it seem like everything you try just isn't working?  Are you struggling to find natural and effective ways to bring your child relief?  

Constipation is a real pain in the rear-end!  It's especially challenging with children who have sensory or neurodevelopmental disorders. I created the Conquering Constipation course for parents just like us in mind. Through this course, you will better understand what constipation is, discover the root cause of your child's constipation and will learn both natural and non-traditional remedies to achieve healthy gut motility for your child. 

Start your journey to end your child's constipation. 

Read books in the bathroom, colorful boo


  • THREE in-depth lessons, Two Bonus lectures and Two Guest Speakers providing over FOUR  hours of content.

  • Self-paced recorded lessons to watch and learn at your convenience.

  • 12 downloadable and printer-friendly handouts for quick reference guides.

  • 42 easy and delicious recipes for natural relief without the use of laxatives. 

Course Details

Module 1


Introduction to Constipation

Module 2


Causes of


Module 3


Interventions for Constipation Relief



2 Extra Lectures by Specialized Professionals


Download or print for information at your fingertips.

Handouts for on-the-go access to course material.

Easy and kid-friendly recipes with all-natural ingredients your child will enjoy. 

Making Smoothie

What are You Waiting For?

As a Black Friday Special get the full Constipation Course package for


Get the results you've been looking for. Let's get started on ending your child's constipation today.

Kids with Capes

We're In It Together

Elisa, R

This course breaks down constipation so you can understand why it happens and how to help your own child. Every child is different and there isn't a "one size fits all" to dealing with constipation. I was able to use all the information to create a plan that actually worked for my kid!

Nicole, B

Greer is a lifesaver.  My son is  pooping regularly again.  No more battles, no more tears and no more harsh laxatives! Her strong insight and unique approaches helped me offer relief to my son's  constipation.   Bathroom time is finally stress-free for my family.

Peter, F

In just a  few day of following Greer's constipation recommendations, my daughter has been able to "go" without discomfort or straining.  The natural supplements and diet modifications WORK! These were things I never thought of or new to try! The handouts are amazing and very helpful!

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