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Rebalance Master Course


October 27th 2022

This 10 Week Self Paced Master Course is for parents & providers looking to help children with Autism and ADHD detox and heal with food & nutrition, herbs, and supplements. 

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Who Are We
Test Tubes

Biomedical Testing Available For This Course 

  • Food Sensitivity 

  • Micronutrient 

  • Stool Analysis 

  • Organic Acids

  • Genetic MTHFR

  • Fungal Antibodies

  • Mycotoxin (mold)

  • Environmental Toxin

  • Heavy Metal

  • Lyme Disease

  • Co-Infection (strep)

  • and More! 

Want to see everything that is included in the
10 Week Course? Check this out! 

Recorded Lectures

Each lecture is pre-recorded and uploaded for you to watch at your convenience! You can watch them every week or all in one day! See the Course Outline Below. 

Live Q & A

After the Live Lecture we will have a Biweekly live Q and A in my private Facebook Group where everyone can come and ask questions about that weeks topic! Can't make it no problem! You can always email me your questions.

Course Workbook

Follow along each week with your Course Workbook filled with a ton of information, protocols and helpful guides. I also have supplement workbooks to help you find the right supplement for your child! 

Free Bonuses

Get a free PDF copy of my Biomedical Journal, and Free Access to my Conquering Constipation Course filled with recipe's, handouts and so much more! 

Rebalance Ten Week Course

Week One: Introduction 

Let's go !! We will go over everything to help get you started. The first week is reviewing the four pillars of health; clean water, clean air, clean food and clean products. We will review the basics of the human body, how it functions and some of the issues we face with dealing with children with Autism and ADHD 

Week Two: Nutrition & Food

Let's dive into the human body and what nutrients are needed for optimal growth. We will review the different vitamins and minerals that are typically low in children with autism and ADHD due to poor nutrition and how to use laboratory testing to provide individualized supplement regiment to your children  to help them flourish. 

Week Three: Picky Eaters 

A common problem we all face with most children is Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders. I will breakdown the wall and show you tools and techniques to help expand your Child's food intake so we can optimize their nutrition! 

Week Four: Gut Health Part 1

Let's talk about Gut Health and Healing. We will tackle this in two parts as we address the 5R’s to Gut Healing. We will address identifying and addressing food sensitivities and foods that increase gut inflammation, and the removal of gut pathogens such as candida and SIBO overgrowth.  

Week Five: Gut Health Part 2

In part two of Gut Health, we will address how to replace the microbiome with digestive support, and nutrients, how to reinoculate the microbiome with nutrition and supplementation, repair the intestinal wall and rebalance the system with the right supplements and herbs. 

Week Six: Liver Detox 

Our most overused and understated organ! I will help you understand the liver, its role in the body and to make sure your child has clear pathways for detoxing toxins. We will touch on genetics SNPs to look for and how to properly understand and supplement right! 

Week Seven: Mold Detox 

Mold is a huge problem both in our environment and in our food. Did you know 70% of homes have mold? I will walk you through how we get mold into our system, testing to use to  identify the mold and the most effective treatment options for getting mold out. 

Week Eight: Heavy Metal Detox 

Removing Heavy Metals can be a challenge. Even with testing we will never know exactly what heavy metals are inside your body. I will help you avoid and minimize your exposure but also help you understand herbs and supplements that can help support the body’s ability to detox heavy metals naturally. 

Week Nine: Herbs That Heal  

Looking into different types of natural ways to help your child in day to day life? This lecture will dive in and give you the knowledge and confidence to use natural healing approaches to help your child recover from common illnesses to managing insomnia and anxiety. 

Bonus Lectures 

Two added bonus lectures:

The Microbiome and LPS (Lipopolysaccharides) Ever hear of the Nemecheck Protocol? Wondering if this is something you should try? Or wondering why your child didn't have the results you expected? I will help you understand what LPS is and how it can be impacting your child microbiome and brain!

Making your own Tinctures- Some of my patients live in an area that they can't get some of the supplements and tinctures. So let's learn how to make some easy DIY tinctures that can help your child continue to thrive and heal. 


As a pediatric OT,  this course was amazing! I feel confident recommending to both parents and professionals alike. Greer is able to present and break down complicated concepts clearly.

I thought it was great! For me it was great because I've found alot of info online previously while searching, but I dont necessarily know what all of it means. I needed someone to break it all down as it relates to children. I would cast each of the meetings up onto the TV so I could have my husband watch as well. I would love to do some of the individual testing for my son ans meant to reach out to you on what I would need to do to set that up.

10/10 recommend the course! Greer you’re just so helpful and full of knowledge  Truly appreciate your guidance and the time you take to answer our questions. Love that this very informative course is backed by evidence based research  I’ve gone back to listen to some of the videos several times because there’s just so much to take in and learn!

I really loved the course, I enjoyed it so much. I already knew some information but during the course I could organize the information that I already had in my mind and I learned a lot of new things. 
My favorite part of all was the pyramid because it’s really good to visualize the priorities when we are re-balance our kids. The supplementation was my second favorite part, it’s a clear way to understand which supplement can help our kids and how. 

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