Rebalance Master Course


This 8 Week Master Course is for parents looking to help their child with Autism and ADHD detox and heal with food & nutrition, herbs, and supplements. 

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Test Tubes

Biomedical Testing Available For This Course 

  • Food Sensitivity 

  • Micronutrient 

  • Stool Analysis 

  • Organic Acids

  • Genetic MTHFR

  • Fungal Antibodies

  • Mycotoxin (mold)

  • Environmental Toxin

  • Heavy Metal

  • Lyme Disease

  • Co-Infection (strep)

  • and More! 

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Live Lectures

Each week we will have a live lecture! Lectures will be recorded to re-watch at your convivence. See the 8 Week Course Outline Below. 

Live Q & A

After the Live Lecture we will have a live Q and A where everyone can come and ask questions about that weeks topic! 

Course Workbook

Follow along each week with your Course Workbook filled with a ton of information, protocols and helpful guides

Free Bonuses

Get a free PDF copy of my Biomedical Journal, Free Access to my Conquering Constipation Course filled with recipe's, handouts and so much more! 

Rebalance Eight Week Course

Week One: Introduction 

Let's get started and go over everything to help get you started. We will discuss the Four Pillars to detoxing and healing and show you what you need to be successfull. 

Week Two: Nutrition & Food

Let's dive into how nutrition and foods fuel and heal the body. Which foods help heal and the use of supplements and botanicals. 

Week Three: Picky Eaters 

A common problem we all face with most of our children is Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders. Let me help you breakdown the wall and get your child to love trying new foods! 

Week Four: Gut Health 

Let's talk about Gut Health and Healing. We will review things that work and things that don't! You get access to all my protocols and how to effectively heal and Rebalance your child's gut. 

Week Five: Candida, Biofilms & Clostridia 

Tackling the Yeast can be a BEAST! Let's dive a little further and see how we can effectively and safely tame the beasts that make it difficult to heal the gut. 

Week Six: Liver Detox 

Our most overused and understated organ! I will help you understand the liver, its role in the body and to make sure your child has clear pathways for detoxifications and healing. 

Week Seven: Mold Detox 

Mold is a huge problem both in our environment and in our food. I will walk you through how we get mold into our system, proper protocols and supplements to use for different types of mold. 

Week Eight: Heavy Metal Detox 

Removing Heavy Metals can be a challenge. Even with testing we will never know exactly what heavy metals are inside your body. I will help you avoid and minimize your exposure but also help you understand how to detox different metals.