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Heavy Metals Testing: Biomedical Healing for Kids | New York

Research shows that the exposure of toxic heavy metals can increase and/or aggravate the symptoms of Autism and ADHD within infants and children. The heavy metals to look out for include lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, chromium, and antimony1. This exposure eventually becomes deposited into body tissues, which subsequently accumulates in the brain, and may lead to significant neurological and developmental damage for the child2. As the biological systems of infants and children are still developing, and they have higher absorption rates as well as lower abilities to detoxify metals, they are more vulnerable to toxic chemical exposure than adults3. For example, high lead levels have been correlated with the child’s impaired neurocognitive function, as well as inattention, and increased hyperactivity1. With the increased use of chemicals and the pollution of heavy metals, there are many children being exposed to such toxicity on a daily basis2. The toxic chemicals can be found everywhere including food, cleaning products, even personal-care products such as toothpaste3.

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