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I am so excited to share the many resources I have! I love to help support my families in their journey! I know first hand how hard it can be and having someone in your corner can mean so much! No Matter where you are in your journey I have you covered! Use this section to find what you need with my NEW Rebalancing Kids Roadmap Guide to my Toxin Free Living Guide, Menu Plan and all my favorite clean/green products and supplements! If you have an idea for something reach out! Enjoy! 

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed every time you step into the grocery store? Do you wish there was a simple, straightforward solution to ensure your children get the nutrition they need to thrive? Are you concerned about the hidden sugars and additives in the foods your family consumes? Look no further—this guide is here to save the day!

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Products: Biomedical Healing for Kids | New York

Do you have a child with Autism, ADHD, or struggling with Chronic health issues my Rebalancing Kids Roadmap Guide is ESSENTIAL for every parent! I help walk you through the steps on how to help your child thrive! With my Trademarked Rebalancing Roadmap I will help you understand how to help your child and what you need to support your kiddo so they can excel and heal! 

Struggling to with menu planning for your little one? Especially when they are Dairy, Gluten, Corn, and or Soy Free? This 31 day Breakfast and Lunch Plan is mapped out to take the guess work out of cooking and help your little one explore new yummy recipes! 

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If you are constantly spending hours online for the best non toxic products for you and your family look no further! My 90 page Toxin Free Living Guide goes through all the essentials in your home and provides you with already approved non toxic lists to make your life easier!

Looking for Supportive Supplements that will help your kiddo and are safe? Checkout all my favorite supplements that I use everyday that I Love! 

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Green Products

Looking for some safe products for you and your family? Checkout my Swell Score Store and other compnaies I use in my own home that I love and trust to keep my home clean but without the toxic chemicals. 

Looking for Mold Testing? Checkout my favorite company I have used personally to check my home for Mold! 

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If you are a parent in the Biomedical World and having trouble keeping your child's day to day information in order this Journal is a MUST. I created it for my own self needs and decided to bring it to you! Come track with me! 

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